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Exercises and masterclasses - plus excerpts and quotations from well-known authors - that will improve your confidence and writing abilities.

What often holds aspiring writers back is the lack of confidence to get started. How do I structure my story? How do I bring my characters to life and make them believable? How do I write convincing dialogue?


Barbara Dynes, an award-winning writer and lecturer on creative writing, has developed a collection of revealing and highly accessible masterclasses that will inform and encourage creative writers. The book is arranged in easy-to-find subject areas and includes mini tutorials, examples, top tips and summaries of learning points in

  • Developing all your writing skills

  • Keeping the reader involved

  • Creating great characters

  • Writing natural dialogue

  • Using viewpoint effectively

  • Enjoying the process of writing

The lessons are designed to increase your skills, add to your knowledge and help you fulfil your creative potential.

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MEMORY JOGGERS: Entertainers


The two titles in this series, Entertainers and Royalty, introduce one card for each year from 1940 to 1989.


Entertainers introduces one entertainer per card for each year from 1940 to 1989 including Bill Hayley, a young Frank Sinatra, the Goons, the Beatles and other favourites such as Violet Carson, Morecambe Wise, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Each card includes brief biographical notes and ideas for use.


Royalty introduces one member of the royal family percard from 1940 to 1989 and includes events such as 1948 when Prince Charles was born, the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, and Princess Margaret’s 1960 wedding.


Each card includes brief biographical notes and ideas for use.


Each pack contains 50 cards and are notable for their quality of production.


‘Worthwhile additions to any care setting with elderly people for reminiscence and social interaction’ British Journal of Occupational Therapy.


Available through your local bookshop, or 

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